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Former Marine Rescues Dogs On Death Row And Turns Them Into Service Dogs

This Marine Is On A Mission!

Christopher Baity spent his military career in the Marines as a dog handler in Iraq. After the service he worked with dogs in Afghanistan as a contractor. While working with the dogs he trained them to locate bombs and drugs and then worked with them in the field.

After his years of service he decided he wanted to give back to other service men and women that had given so freely to their contry. So him and his wife, Amanda, founded a company to do just that. Semper K9 Assistance Dogs rescues dogs facing euthanasia in shelters and trains them to be service dogs for wounded soldiers.

They both hold down full-time jobs and run Semper K9 Assistance Dogs on the side to help the soldiers. It costs them roughly $20,000 to train each dog, but then they provide the dogs to wounded soldiers free of charge! They want to be sure that every soldier that needs a dog gets a dog regardless of their financial situation.

Check out the video below and please sign this petition to pass legislation that will allow the VA to supply more service dogs to veterans that need them. Then please use the buttons on this page to pass this article on to all your dog loving friends so they can help spread the news.

Thanks to Christopher and Amanda – they are both real heroes!