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Alert: Addiction Foods of Seattle, Washington Announced A Dog Food Recall

Addiction New Zealand Dog Food Recalled!

Addiction Foods of Seattle, Washington is voluntarily recalling two lots of Addiction New Zealand brand canned dog food. One batch each of New Zealand Brushtail and Vegetable and New Zealand Venison and Apple canned dog foods are affected.

According to the company, the recalled products were shipped to distributors and online retailers between February 11, 2016 and March 19, 2016.

The affected products are:

Addiction New Zealand Brushtail and Vegetables Canned Dog Food Entrée
Size: 13.8oz/390g
UPC Code: 8 885004 070028
Lot Number: 8940:02Dec2018
Expiration Date: December 2018

dog food recalled

Addiction New Zealand Venison and Apples Canned Dog Food Entrée
Size: 13.8oz/390g
UPC Code: 8 885004 070462
Lot Number: 8936:01Dec2018
Expiration Date: December 2018

dog food recalled

No other Addiction Pet Food products are affected by this recall.

What Caused the Recall

Addiction’s testing has identified elevated levels of Vitamin A and a slight variance in calcium / phosphorous ratios.
There have been no reports of animal health concerns. However, the company claims the affected lots do not meet its quality standards.
According to the company, Addiction Food’s top priority is the safety and quality of its products. For this reason, they are taking immediate action and implementing additional operating procedures to prevent a similar issue from occurring in the future.

A reduction in appetite would be expected if a dog ingests excessive Vitamin A for two months straight. If young growing animals are given excessive Vitamin A for an extended period of time it can cause a variety of other adverse heath problems. This is why the company decided to voluntarily recall the dog food.

If you purchased any of the recalled dog food, you should stop feeding it to your pets immediately. You can return it to wherever you purchased it for a full refund.

You can also contact the company by email at or you can call them at 425-251-0330, Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm PST.

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Notice and image source: Dog Food Advisor