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American Airlines Refuses To Allow U.S. Combat Vet With Service Dog On Plane

The American Airlines Agents Humiliated Her With Rude Condescending Remarks!

Lisa McCombs is a U.S. Army vet that suffers from PTSD after tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. She left the Army as a captain in 2009. She has a service dog named Jake that helps her manage the PTSD. He is a 7-year-old chocolate lab.

She has flown with him before, but this time when she showed up with Jake the gate agent asked, “Are you trying to fly with that?”. When she explained she was a disabled Army vet and Jake was her service dog, the agent replied, “What is your disability anyway?”

Ultimately McCombs and Jake were not allowed to board the flight even though McCombs had all the required paperwork with her.

After multiple phone calls and 48 hours of waiting, McCombs and Jake were finally able to board a flight and get home. Through the upsetting situation, McCombs says Jake was right there.

“He comes to me, presses his body tightly against me, licks my face. He’s a calming mechanism for me to be able to cope with my disability. So he did exactly what he was supposed to do,” McCombs said.

After McCombs went public with her story and filed a lawsuit, American Airlines officials contacted her and apologized letting her know that the company is committed to U.S. veterans.

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Article and image source: WLOX Channel 13