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Australian Politicians Dogs Travel In Style At Taxpayers Expense

One Expensive Doggy Ride!

Steve Herbert, the Corrections Minister for Victoria Australia was busted having his chauffeur take his dogs to his country house. He ordered his chauffeur to take the dogs, Patch and Ted, from his house in Melbourne to his country home which is about 80 miles away.

The chauffeur and the limousine are a perk of the job, but according to government policy they are only to be used for work purposes.

Of course opposition leaders are raising a big stink and demanding he be fired. It doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

The current opposition leader Matthew Guy said Mr Herbert had demonstrated a sense of entitlement that should not go unpunished and that he should be sacked.

“It is going to fuel people with anger to learn that the Andrews Government uses chauffeur-driven government limousines to simply drive around their pets,” Mr Guy said.

“Government vehicles are taxpayer resources. You are privileged to have one. They are to be used for work purposes.”

Herbert apologized for the mistake and said he would repay the money spent on gas for the trip. He blamed the mistake on the stress of his job as Corrections Minister, and said it wouldn’t happen again.

“Being a minister in a senior portfolio, it’s a tough job. It’s a really tough job and sometimes you make mistakes, and this was one of them,” he said.

Mr Herbert said the responsibilities associated with his new Corrections portfolio had “played havoc with my domestic arrangements”.

He refused to say how many times he had used his ministerial car to transport the dogs.

The dogs are probably bummed. They probably like being chauffeured around in a limousine.

Funny thing is, I’ll bet our presidents here in the U.S. (past and present) use tax payer money to cart their dogs around. In fact I’ve seen more than one presidents dog getting off of Air Force One. Now that’s an expensive trip. 🙂

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Article source: ABC

Image source: BBC