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Bachelor Party Turns Into A Puppy Rescue Mission

They Obviously Needed Help!

Mitchel Craddock from Kalamazoo, Michigan along with a bunch of his buddies headed to a cabin deep in the woods of Tennessee for his bachelor party. The plan was to do some four-wheeling and just hang out with the guys.

They had the door to the cabin open and were cooking some bacon when they looked out and saw a dog sitting right outside the front door. They tried to get her to come inside, but she wasn’t interested. They figured she’d go back home sooner or later, but she never did.

So finally they took some food and water out to her and everything they put in front of her she gobbled down. She was obviously very hungry and thirsty, and she didn’t have a collar or any tags.

Pretty soon they noticed there was one area of the woods she was protecting. Every time anything got near there she ran right over and started barking like crazy. They put two and two together and went over to check it out.

Sure enough, there was hole with 7 puppies in it. One of the guys crawled in and pulled them all out. They were filthy so the guys took them back to the cabin and cleaned them up. The puppies and mom were all obviously in need of medical attention.

“Well, we’re washing our puppies, because they had all come out of a hole and they were all dirty, so there was a group of rough men going down to go four-wheeling, but instead they are inside washing puppies,” Craddock said.

They named the dog Annie and the puppies Knox, Bear, Daisy, Gunner, Brimmy, Finn, and Rose.

Craddock tells us each of the puppies were treated by a veterinarian and are all healthy now.

Each puppy now has a forever home.

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