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Children Help Shelter Dogs Get Adopted By Reading To Them

Great Therapy For The Children And The Dogs!

Shelter Buddies Reading Program has been a huge success for the The Humane Society of Missouri.  It was originally started to help frightened or timid dogs to start trusting humans again.

But the program has helped much more than the dogs looking to be adopted.  It has also helped the students that volunteer to read to them.  The program uses children between the ages of 6 and 15 that have problems reading aloud or reading in front of a crowd.

Reading to the dogs allows the kids to read in front of a nonjudgmental audience.  It also gets the dogs used to being around humans again.  This makes them much relaxed around humans which makes them more adoptable.

child reading to dog

It doesn’t take long for the dogs to start relaxing and come closer to the children.  They often sit right up next to the glass as the child reads to them.

According to Humane Society workers, the program has been a big hit with the dogs and children.

Check out the news report below from the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.  If you like the story please use the buttons on this page to pass it onto all your dog loving friends and family.

Image source: Twisted Sifter