8 rescue dogs at home

Couple Builds 14-Foot Bed For Their 8 Rescue Dogs

Hey Move Over!

Chris and Mariesa Hughes live in upstate New York with their 8 dogs. I guess you could say Chris and Mariesa have a thing for dogs. They founded and run The Mr. Mo Project, an organization that cares for and places senior dogs in foster homes and forever homes.

According to the Mr. Mo Project Website:

Chris Hughes founded The Mr. Mo Project with his wife Mariesa Together they fight to save senior shelter dogs nationwide, to honor of the life of their late and beloved senior dog, Mr. Mo.

With generous donations from Team Mo Sponsors, and the amazing Mr. Mo dog rescue community: all program dogs enjoy veterinarian medical bill assistance for the duration of their life, including free transportation to the right forever home, and other great benefits.

They also live with 8 dogs they have rescued over the years, many of them seniors.

chris with 8 rescue dogs

And of course all 8 dogs like to sleep with them. Some of the dogs are pretty big so that made for a pretty crowded bed. In fact, many nights Chris or Mariesa would get crowded out and end up on the couch.

They decided it was time to do something about it. So they drew up plans for a bed big enough to fit the entire family. They added steps for the older and bigger dogs that had a hard time getting up. The bed is huge and it’s beautiful. Check it out.

14 foot dog bed

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Article and image source: Little Things