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Deadly Virus Outbreak Just Over The Border In Canada

Make Sure Your Dogs Are Vaccinated!

Just across the Canadian border from Maine, the Nova Scotia SPCA is warning dog owners about an outbreak of parvovirus.

“Parvovirus is very contagious and possibly deadly, and we have an increase in reports of parvovirus within HRM,” she said.

“It spreads through contact or contact with an infected dog’s feces. So, if for instance, you are in an off-leash park with other dogs, that could be an environment where you could be at risk.”

I know more and more people are taking their dogs to local dog parks in the U.S. as well. Our dogs have both been vaccinated so we don’t worry about it when we take ours. I hope yours have been vaccinated as well. If not, you may want to look into it.

According to Wikipedia, canine parvovirus type 2 is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs, and thought to originate in cats.  It can be deadly in younger dogs.

A number of dog owners the CBC News in Nova Scotia interviewed had never heard of it. If they had they didn’t know much about it.

The Nova Scotia SPCA is warning dog owners to get their dogs vaccinated right away. They are probably just talking about the people in Canada, but they are pretty close to the U.S.

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