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Dog Owner Cut A Window In His Fence So His Dog Could Visit With His Buddy Next Door.

Maybe I Should Have Done That!

When we built our new fence in the back yard we built a board-on-board so our dogs couldn’t see the neighbors through it and bark at them. Our old fence had gaps between the boards that the dogs could peek through. Every time they’d see someone through it they’d bark at them. It helped a lot.

But after seeing an article in The Dodo about a guy that cut a window into his fence for his dog I’m thinking maybe I should haved done that. This guys dog was always peeking through the slats at the dog next door. They would even chase each other up and down the fence line.

Now the two have a window they can visit through. Pretty cool.

“The dogs really do enjoy it,” he said. “They go out each morning and visit with each other if they are all out together. They still chase each other along the fence line, but I think they are happier actually seeing who they are chasing. They give each other some puppy love and sometimes just stare or bark at each other a bit.”

Funny, our dogs have a buddy next door too. They run up and down the fence line with him as well. We may have to look into that. It would be fun for the dogs.

Check out the video below for a few more doggy fence windows and then please use the buttons on this page to pass this along to all your dog loving friends.

Featured image: Reddit – ryanispiper