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Dog Saved And Returned To Owner After Epic Swim

She Jumped Off A Sea Wall Chasing Ducks!

Gypsy, an 18-month-old pit bull, was out playing in her back yard when suddenly she disappeared. She had been out in the yard about 10 minutes when her owner, Calia went out to check on her. His dog was nowhere to be found.

The only place she could have gone was over the sea wall. He didn’t see her in the water, but there was nowhere else she could have gone.

dog saved from ocean

Calia believes his pet saw something in the water. “You know what I think it was? I think it was a duck,” he said. “She jumped right over, right over the side.”

Only problem is, once she jumped in there was nowhere to go. Calia said his dog is not much of a swimmer. In fact whenever she got in the pool or tried swimming at the beach she sank more than she swam. She’s 68-pounds and all muscle with very little body fat.

Well she must have figured it out. She did what she had to do.

The 68-pound puppy swam about two miles through the finger isles of Riverland, ending up at the Secret Woods Nature Center in Dania Beach. “She had to go up here, make a left, go all the way to the main tributary, and then go all the way on the Riverland roads in New River,” said Calia. “She literally traveled like two miles.”

Hours later Steel Marine Tow Boat Capt. Ryan Little spotted her in the water. She was really struggling.

“She’s just trying to swim around the shore … but there were some downed trees and mangroves, so she couldn’t get through,” he told 7News in a phone interview. “She tried to come over to the wall, across the other side of the river, but she couldn’t make it up the wall.”

She’s one lucky gal! And Calia is one lucky guy to have her back. Obviously they were both ecstatic when they were reunited.

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Article and images source: WSVN Miami