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Dog Sitter Hired On Craigslist Sells Woman’s Dogs!

She’s Heartbroken!

Ekemini Udoh is a student at University of North Carolina.  She’s from Nigeria and doesn’t have any family near her.  So when she had to go into the hospital she didn’t have anyone to watch her two dogs she had rescued from the local shelter.

She looked into boarding them, but as a poor college student that was out of the question.  She contacted the Humane Society and Animal Control to see if they could keep her dogs for her while she was hospitalize, but they said they couldn’t.  So she turned to Craigslist.

She posted an ad offering $200 for watching her dogs, Rosie and Bella.  A man by the name of Jarred contacted her offering to watch them.  She checked him out online and he looked legit so she decided to have him watch the dogs.

She started wondering if she had done the right thing when Jarred contacted her in the hospital asking for more money.  So when she got out she contacted him right away telling him she was out, had his money and wanted her dogs back.  He said no problem he’d bring them over on Thursday, but he never showed up.

It didn’t take long to figure out that Jarred had sold her dogs on Craigslist.  In fact the ad was still up.

She was devastated!  Rosie and Bella are her kids.

She made another post on Craigslist explaining what happened.

People reached out to her saying the same person tried to sell her dogs to them.

Udoh did file a police report. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officials would only tell Channel 9 it’s an active investigation.

No one has been charged.

Channel 9 called the number Udoh had for Jarred and left a message. He has not returned the call.

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Article source: WSOC TV Channel 9