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Doggy Daddy Dresses Up As Favorite Toy And Dog Goes Nuts!

Wow! A Life-Size Gumby To Play With!

Jolene is a two-year-old golden retriever that lives in Petaluma, California with her human mom and dad, Emily Crisp and Ben Mesches. They were hanging out at home watching TV one evening when Ben decided to “play a little trick” on their dog.

Let me set the stage. For her second birthday Ben and Emily got Jolene a Gumby chew toy. Well it was the perfect gift, their dog just loved it. She carried it everywhere. It was her prized possession.

dog with chew toy

Ben just happened to have an old Gumby Halloween costume in his closet. Him and Emily decided to see how Jolene would react to a life-size Gumby. So Ben put on the suit and as Emily recorded the encounter on her phone Ben .

The result is hilarious. Their video has over 6 million views on YouTube! If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to check it out. At first Jolene looks at him like she can’t believe what she’s seeing. Her favorite toy has come to life! She slowly approaches him, and then finally she decides he’s okay, and the dog goes completely berserk!

dog with life-size Gumby

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P.S. For any of you old enough to remember, the first thing I thought of when I saw the video was Eddie Murphy on SNL yelling – “I’m Gumby Damn It!”  🙂

Article and images source: The Press Democrat