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Dogs Tell Time With Their Noses?

I’m Not Sure How But They Sure Can!

At lease our dogs can. They get a treat every day at noon and at 8 pm, and they never let us forget what time it is. They show up right on time almost every day. Definitely within a few minutes. Sometimes they try to push it and they show up a half hour early. We just tell them, “you know it’s not time yet”, and sure enough they come back on time.

And of course they always know when it’s time to go for their walk and eat their meals.

I always wondered how. We were starting to wonder if they could tell time.

Well now a canine researcher at the Barnard College Dog Cognition Lab, Alexandra Horowitz, thinks she knows how. Horowitz, thinks they can “smell” what time it is.

Horowitz believes dogs are actually able to use their keen sense of smell to determine what time of day it is:
Smells in a room change as the day goes on. Hot air rises, and it usually rises in currents along the walls and will rise to the ceiling and go kind of to the center of the room and drop. If we were able to visualize the movement of air through the day, what we’re really visualizing is the movement of odor through the day.

Dogs can also tell who has visited a particular spot by the scent left behind. But Horowitz postulates that they’re also able to determine how long ago that person or dog was there based on the intensity of the scent. Furthermore, they can detect what’s coming. “The future, in a way, is smelled on a breeze from up ahead or around the corner,” she explains.

A dog’s sense of smell is incredible. They have over 200 million smell receptors while humans only have five million. So their sense of smell is beyond anything we can even imagine. May she’s right.

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Article source: AKC Website

Image source: Flickr – SMcGarnigle