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These Dogs Are On Vacation Until They Find A Forever Home

It’s Like A Doggy Resort!

The Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon is beautiful. I would love vacationing there myself. It includes 55 acres in a gorgeous setting in the forests of Oregon. There are hiking trails, an old dirt road, and open fields for the dogs to roam and play in.

dog hiking trail

There are also cottages built just for the dogs. They each include an indoor and an outdoor area, furniture, decorations, etc. The dogs live in the cottages rather than in kennels.

dog cottage

The dogs get plenty of exercise, veterinary care, play time with staff and other dogs, and loads of loving. They keep the dogs as happy and as comfortable as possible until they can find them a forever home.

dogs playing

Most of the dogs are rescued from high-kill shelters to save them.

From The Luvable Dog Rescue website:

Our motto of “Place, Pack and Purpose,” guides our rescue philosophy. “Place” refers to our peaceful and beautiful 55 acre wooded sanctuary which transforms neglected dogs into happy and healthy companions through playtime outdoors and miles of hiking.

dog sanctuary

We use the “Pack” (both human and canine) to also heal, teach, and socialize the dogs, so that they can succeed at the dogs “Purpose” which is to be a loving companion and family member. Luvable Dog Rescue dogs live either at our main kennel facility or with a foster family.

dog cottage 3

Our dogs spend many hours a day with staff and volunteers, to enrich their lives and allow us to get to know them in order to place them in the most compatible home. Our dogs receive daily hikes on wooded trails, and enjoy play groups with other dogs, premium food, plenty of human company, mentally stimulating games, expert medical care, and a whole lot of love.

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Images: The Luvable Dog Rescue