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Dogs Went On Hunger Strike Until They Were Reunited

Together Again – It Worked!

Two dogs were dropped off at the Carson Animal Care Center in Los Angeles because their owner could no longer care for them. The 6-year-old terrier named Goofy and the 6-year-old chow chow named Chicky had lived together their entire lives.

When they received them, shelter employees placed them in separate kennels. They were both heartbroken! They didn’t know how to act, so they went on a hunger strike. Both dogs cried all the time and refused to eat. They had both lost their best buddy!

Finally, shelter workers figured out what the problem was and reunited the pups. They put both dogs in the same kennel and everything changed. The dogs quit crying and started eating.

dogs happy again

You can probably see from the photo up top that Chicky had an eye infection. When a vet tried to treat her she got scared and aggressively snapped at the vet. That got her put on the rescue list, meaning she could not be adopted by a family she could only be adopted by a shelter.

So only Goofy was put up for adoption. It looked like the two were going be separated again.

Luckily, Katy DePasquale of New York saw the sad story on social media and decided she wanted both dogs. She couldn’t adopt Chicky because of he was on the rescue list, so she located a dog rescue organization in the area.

DePasquale then reached out to Christine Downs, who runs local rescue Bark Party.

“She said she wanted to adopt them, and she said, ‘If you take [them in], I’ll adopt them,” Downs told

Downs, who firmly believed in her cause, rescued the brothers from the shelter earlier this month.

In videos posted to her Facebook, Chicky and Goofy can be seen playing outside, and digging in the dirt in their first few days of freedom.

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Article source: Inside Edition