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Fisherman Rescues Dog A Half Mile From Shore Swimming For His Life

Luckily He Was A Good Swimmer!

Rory O’Connor was out fishing in his Kayak. He had his camera running like he normally does just in case he catches a “big one”. All of a sudden he spotted something really strange. A dog was swimming towards him about a half mile from shore. The dog was noticably very tired and in distress.

Rory pulled him in and dried him off. The poor dog was shaking apparently more from fear than from the cold. Rory looked around and didn’t see any other boats in the area. He started heading for shore to see if he could figure out where the dog came from. He came across one other boat on his way but they had never seen the dog before.

Once he got to shore he noticed that the dog was hurt. He couldn’t put any weight on one of his paws and he was bleeding in a couple different spots. It was obvious the dog needed veterinary care so he got his sister to take it to the vet (his car was two miles away).

The vet discovered the dog was chipped. His name was Barney. The vet contacted the family and found out there was a sad story that led to Barney ending up in the lake.

Barney’s owner, Donna Chen, 53 was out for a run with her dog. Tragically they were struck by a drunk driver and Mrs. Chen was killed. They think Barney was so freaked out he just took off running, and when he ran out of land he dove in the lake and took off swimming. They think he may have approached the kayak because the Chen’s own a yellow kayak and often take Barney kayaking with them.

The dog is back with his family now, and they are all attempting to heal from the tragedy.

The drunk driver, 22 year-old Blake Talman, has been charged with DUI manslaughter as well as a couple other charges.

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