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Four Stray Dogs In Purulia India Save Newborn Infant

A Baby’s Best Friend!

It is quite common to see stray dogs and cows just walking or lying in the streets all over India.

Well lucky for one newborn infant there were dogs around last Saturday morning.  If not, she probably would not have survived.  Four stray dogs found the seven to ten day old little girl laying in a field.  Instinctively, they encircled her and chased the cows away intil someone finally found her.

Ulhas Chowdhury, a local school teacher was out for his morning walk when he thought he heard a baby crying.  He started looking around in some bushes and spotted four dogs circling something.  He was shocked!  They were guarding a little tiny infant.  The baby was wrapped in a pale pink cloth and laying on the ground.

baby saved by dogs

The dogs started to wag their tails, happy to see Mr. Chowdhury, and sat down by the baby.

Chowdhury quickly alerted people in the neighborhood and they rushed to spot where he found the baby.  One of his neighbors, Parveen Sen, picked the baby up and gave her some milk.  That seemed to make her happy.  She quit crying.  They then contacted loacl police and waited for them to show up.

The cops took custody of the newborn and took it to the Deben Mahato Sadar Hospital where doctors confirmed that the baby was seven to ten days old and weighed 2.8kilos. The baby is now admitted in the newborn special care unit at the hospital. “Though she has signs of jaundice, there is nothing to fear,” said Dr Shibshankar Mahato.

“Had it not been for the dogs, we would probably have lost the baby. We are all grateful to them,” Chowdhury said.

Source for article and baby image: The Times of India

Featured image: Flickr – Crispin Semmens