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Heartbroken Shelter Employee Posts Picture Of What Happens To Unwanted Dogs

Please Spay And Neuter Your Animals!

Michele Boggs and her co-workers are all brokenhearted after the latest round of euthanasia at the animal shelter they work at. She was distraught enough to post a heart wrenching photo of the aftermath. It’s sad.

She says they are all affected. They all get attached to the dogs and must say goodbye to them when they are put down. She says it just breaks their heart.

She also shares her thoughts in a letter to the dog owners that gave the poor pups up, or should I say gave up on the poor pups.

She gives irresponsible dog owners a piece of her mind. And I know that there are times when you must give a dog up, but more often than not it could be avoided by being responsible up front.

Here is her Facebook post:

Michele also added:

I would like to add…that every one of us at the shelter who take care of these babies daily…cried for every one of those dogs…some of us gave them a final kiss…one of us shared their lunch with a dog they grew to love…but we all shed a tear for them…it isn’t their fault…yet they pay the consequences. Take care of a living being every day and see if it doesn’t affect you……….

As Michele said,

“Please forward this to everyone, it’s time to stop animal abuse”.

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