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Their Human Mom Just Went Into Hospice So They Need Help

They Need A New Home!

Two wonderful senior dogs named Caramel and Bruno had to be given up to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter BARCS on Thursday. The dog’s human mom was taken to hospice because she is dying of cancer. Caramel and Bruno, age 17 and 18 respectively, don’t have anywhere to go. Unfortunately there are no living relatives that can take the dogs.

BARCS is looking for a new forever home for the two. They would like to find someone that can take both because they have been together their entire lives and have grown quite attached and dependent on each other. Yesterday the shelter put a notice on their Facebook page looking for an special angel to take the dogs:

“An angel who, despite being made aware of Bruno’s medical issues (arthritis, severe dental disease), is willing to say, ‘Sweet babies, a shelter is not where your story ends. You have been loyal to your mom for nearly two decades, and so you will not spend another day uncertain of who will be by your side. I will get you guys out of the shelter and care for you no matter how much time you have left.’”

“And, we can’t even imagine what they must be thinking. ‘How did we get here? Where’s mom? Is this shelter our new home? It’s a little too noisy for old loves like us,’”

If you are in or around the Baltimore, Maryland area and are interested in adopting these poor babies that are losing their mom, you can visit them at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter at 301 Stockholm St., Baltimore, MD 21230.

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Article and image source: Pet Rescue Report