puppy saved from sewer

Humane Society Employee Uses The Flash On His Phone To Spot A Puppy In A Sewer

Puppy Saved In The Nick Of Time!

The Humane Society of Michigan got a call from someone that heard animal sounds coming from a sewer drain. They sent an MHS rescue driver to check it out. He could hear something down the sewer drain but couldn’t see in because it was too dark.

He had an idea. He took out his phone and snapped a picture down the drain pipe. That’s when he saw a pair of eyes. There was a little tiny puppy down there stuck in the mud and junk. It was about 12 to 14 foot down with no way to get out or for him to get down.

He went back to the truck and got his control stick. It has the hoop around the end of it. He got it looped around the puppy and pulled it up.

As soon as he got the puppy out his little tail started wagging like crazy. He was happy to be out of that hole and in the arms of the MHS employee. The little dog was obviously badly malnourished. He had been stuck down there for who knows how long with no food to eat or clean water to drink.

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