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Images Of Dogs Snuggling In Shelter Go Viral And Help The Two Find A New Forever Home

Now That’ Close!

Chewbacca and CC are two rescue dogs that have lived together ever since they were adopted years ago.  They have been happy in their loving home ever since.

Recently there was a new addition to the family.  Their human mom had a baby.  It turned out to be a problem for the dogs.  The baby developed an allergy to dogs.

It was the last thing the family wanted, but they had to give the dogs up.  They took the dogs to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in hopes that they could find them a good home.

It didn’t take the staff at the shelter long to figure out the dogs were inseparable.

Little CC has a favorite spot, and that’s on top of her friend big Chewbacca, nestled into his glorious fur.

dogs are best buddies

“Pretty much every time we walk by their kennel, CC is either sitting on Chewy or draped over him or curled up against him,” Animal Rescue League of Iowa spokesperson Jessica Jorgenson tells The Dodo. “Chewy, for his part, doesn’t mind at all. They both like being close to each other.”

These two are more than just sweet buddies. They’re each others family.

Same thing when they are outside or in the car.  They like being right next to or on top of each other.

Before long the staff decided the two needed to stay together.  They would be totally lost without each other.

They took took pictures of the two snuggled up with each other and put them on social media along with their story.  It wasn’t long before the posts went viral.

It took just four days before the two found a new loving forever home.  They don’t have to worry about being separated.  Amber Wiley gave them a new home.  They will be joining her and her two dogs and three pet pigs.

Facebook pics and dogs with new mom

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Images source: Animal Rescue League of Iowa