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Keeping Your Dog Menally Stimulated

Just like humans, dogs get bored with the same old routine.  It’s good to mix things up from time to time.  We walk our dogs every night, and if we try to take the same course too many times in a row one of the dogs will try taking us another way.

They also love to go exploring.  They love checking out new fields, woods, or just a new neighborhood.  Sometimes it’s nice to load them up in the car and go to a new park or a different sub-division and just explore.

Here are a few other ideas on ways to stimulate your dog mentally offered by Rachel MacDonald, a dog-loving freelance writer.

Create an Obstacle Course
A dog’s most powerful sense is his smell, and you can give this a real workout by playing hide and seek or creating an obstacle course with treats at the end. Build obstacle courses out of boxes, chairs, dog beds, or other common household items as if you were building a bedroom fort. Your dog can be lured into the course with the scent of a treat, which you can rub at strategic areas to keep him going. The “prize” can be hidden at the end, giving dogs a sense of accomplishment for following the trail and finding the treat at the end of it.

Play Memory Games
There are dog memory games you can purchase, but it’s not hard to create your own. These memory games allow you to hide toys or treats underneath certain objects. These can then be lifted up or spun around so that your dog can figure out which ones contain the treats.

Teaching New Tricks
A dog’s never too old to learn new tricks, so go beyond the basic obedience training and have fun with it. Although different breeds have different temperaments, the majority of dogs enjoy being challenged with new projects to work on. It can have a marked impact on a dog’s mood, making dogs more relaxed and fulfilled. You can enroll in an advanced obedience course or simply search the internet for new training ideas. Most importantly, have fun spending this time together with your furry friend.

For a few more ways, read the entire article at Fit as Fido.

Article Source: Fit as Fido

Image Source: Jared and Corin – Flickr

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