Lackland Air Force Base Is Looking For People To Help Raise Military Puppies

They Even Pay Your Related Bills!

The only National Department of Defense military dog breeding program is located at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. It is the biggest facility in the world for training working dogs.

They need your help.  They don’t have the people or resources to house all the puppies as they are growing up. They also would like them to be around a variety of people in different settings.

“She has to be comfortable in the world; be comfortable in new places and comfortable around lots of people,” said Cann as she was holding one of the puppies about to be adopted Friday.

They are looking for people who will foster the puppies until they are seven months old.

If the dogs make the cut they will be used for military deployment, TSA, or law enforcement. They could have a variety of duties including sniffing out explosives and drugs.

“The main threat to our folks is IEDs, improvised explosive devices,” said Dr. Steward Hilliard. He is the flight chief for Military Work Dog Evaluations and Breeding.

These dogs will save countless lives.

Lackland takes care of costs associated with the dogs, including food and veterinarian costs. Lackland said families have to be within a two hour drive of the base, have a six-foot fence and do not have kids younger than five years old.

If you meet the qualifications and are interested in becoming a foster parent for one of these future heroes, email

Check out the video below and please use the buttons on this page to pass this onto all your dog loving friends, especially any that live in the San Antonio area.

Article and Video Source: KENS 5 News San Antonio