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Man Fences In His Four Acre Back Yard For The 45 Dogs He Rescued

Now They Have Plenty Of Room To Play!

Living in a shelter can be scary, depressing, and stressful for dogs. They are over crowded and very noisy. The dogs are cooped up in a small kennel with very little exercise and freedom. Although the staff tries their best, the dogs there don’t get near the loving and attention they would get in in their own home.

The dogs just sit and wait, hoping the next person will take them home with them. Sadly many do not find forever homes, and if it’s not a no-kill they might not make it out alive.

The man in the video below decided to do something about it. He started his own rescue sanctuary. He has a huge house and has slowly been filling it up with dogs he’s rescued. He has saved 45 dogs and has them all living with him.

He wanted more for them though. He wanted to give them somewhere to run. So he fenced in the back yard. A 4 acre back yard! Now they have more than enough room to roam all they want.

The video below shows the first time he let them into their new sanctuary. Check it out, then please use the buttons on this page to share this wonderful video with all your dog loving friends.

Source: Rescue Dogs Going for a Run in Their New Pen on Rumble