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Mans Car Stolen With His Three Dogs Inside

Please Bring My Babies Back!

David Leicky of Leduc, Alberta Canada came home from work on Wednesday and was greeted by his three best friends. Callie, Dakota and Maggie are his three dogs which he considers his kids. He played with them for a while and then went to the fridge to grab a beer. He was out.

So he decided to run to the store to restock the fridge. He asked the dogs if they wanted to go for a ride, and of course they went nuts. They all went out and jumped in his jeep and headed for the store.

It was cool outside so when he got there he left the engine running so the dogs wouldn’t get cold he ran in to get some beer. He was only going to be gone for a minute.

He grabbed a case of beer and was at the counter paying when he looked outside and saw his car driving away.

“I’m thinking what the hell? Those are my dogs! I don’t care about the car. The car can be replaced. But the dogs, they’re my babies! They’re my pride and joy.”

After briefly trying to run after the Jeep, he called RCMP and they arrived to investigate. They haven’t found the dogs yet.

“I’m just so devastated. It’s unbelievable,” Leicky said, as he choked back tears. “They’re like children! I’m just sick. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat.”

Maggie is a 10-year-old Yorkie that’s black and brown. Dakota is a light brown Yorkie-Shih Tzu cross that’s also 10. Eight-year-old Callie is a white and grey Shih Tzu.

Friends put up posters and called every veterinarian they could think of as well as the SPCA. Still, there’s no sign of them 48 hours later.

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