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Monkey Adopts A Little Puppy And Keeps It Safe From Stray Dogs

Monkey Even Makes Sure The Puppy Has Plenty To Eat!

We have written about a number of strange friendships in this blog (a dog and a donkey, a dog and a hummingbird, etc.) but never one quite like this.

Residents in Erode, India, have spotted a rhesus macaque monkey and a little puppy hanging out together all over town. It appears the monkey has adopted the little puppy.

monkey carrying puppy

The monkey carries the puppy all around with her and has been seen protecting it from a pack of stray dogs that were attempting to attack it.

monkey protecting puppy

Local residents have been touched by the bond between the pair and have set food out for them. They were surprised to see the monkey make sure her adopted puppy got all it needed to eat before she took any.

monkey feeding puppy

Zee News, an Indian news outlet reported:

“People who have seen them spoke of their strong mutual affection and described their bond as the most caring thing in the world — to take care of a puppy in danger and protect him like a parent. Their undying affection gives us a valuable lesson about relationships.”

monkey with puppy

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Article source: The Dodo

Images source: Zee News