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Montreal Sentences Pit Bulls To Death

Most Of The Dogs Are Innocent!

A new law passed on Tuesday bans all pit bulls and all dogs that resemble pit bulls from the city of Montreal. Dogs in homes are safe if the owners meet stringent requirements. They must go through a criminal background check, have the dog sterilized, pay $150 for a special permit, and get the dog microchipped and vaccinated. After all that the dogs can only go outside if muzzled and on a 4-foot leash.

The law was proposed and passed by a vote of 37 to 23 after a number of incidents with pit bulls. The worst was a woman who was mauled to death by a loose dog while in her own yard. After that many residents got behind the bill and asked city officials to ban the breed.

How about all the pit bulls and dogs that look like pit bulls that are in shelters waiting to be adopted? They have been senteced to death. They have been classified as unadoptable and will all be euthanized. Rescue organizations knew it was coming and got as many out as they could before the legislation was passed, but the thousands still left will be killed.

How about people who refuse to or can’t afford to follow all the guidelines laid out? Their dogs will be confiscated and put to death as well.

The backlash has been incredible. The Montreal SPCA, which covers 12 boroughs, has stated it will cancel its contract with the city under its ban. Individual veterinarians and the Quebec Order of Veterinarians have voiced their desire to refuse to euthanize any of these innocent dogs. “I, professionally, morally, ethically am not required to euthanize those animals,” Karen Joy Goldenberg, a veterinarian at a local animal hospital, told CBC News. “Now, if I actually witness or believe that a dog is dangerous to public safety, it has actually bitten someone, regardless of its breed, then absolutely I would agree to put it to sleep for its welfare and the welfare of the people around it.” But the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of these dogs have never shown aggression towards anyone.

happy pit bull
Flickr – David Scaglione

What’s more is the evidence that breed specific legislation simply doesn’t work. There are many well-documented cases where BSL has been enacted and dog bite occurrences have risen. No one breed is responsible for the actions of individual dogs. The dogs involved in fatal and serious dog attacks are dogs that were not trained, lacked a suitable temperament, or simply out of control. In fact, many of the dogs responsible for fatal attacks were not pit bulls at all.

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Article source: I Heart Dogs

Image source: Flickr – Joe Miserendino