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New Study Confirms Most People Like Their Dogs More Than People

Doesn’t Surprise Me – I Know I Do!

A recent study finally confirms what I’ve known all along, dogs are better to hang with than people. Hundreds of pet owners were asked a series of questions and here are some of their responses.

95% of dog owners would rather hang at home with their dog than go on a blind date.

Almost 70% of pet parents would give up alone time with their spouse or significant other to spend hang out with their dog.

Most dog owners get their pet a Valentines Day gift. They also get them gifts on just about all other major holidays as well.

Over 1/4 of pet parents have had a special date with their dog. They take them to a special place or take them to do something extra special.

Over 25% of dog owners have taken their pet on a date with them.

Well over 1/2 of dog owners would end a relationship for their dog.

Over 50% of dog owners share their bed or allow their pet in bed with them.

45% of dog owners gladly spend more on their dog than they do on their significant other. That’s okay because your dog probably appreciates it more than your partner would anyway.

As a dog owner, all this makes sense to me. In fact, it wouldn’t have surprised me if some of the numbers were higher.

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