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Nine Year Old Boy Selling His Comic Books To Feed Stray Dogs

This Is Only The Beginning!

Neal Batra loves to read and he has a real love for animals. So he decided to use the two to help many of the stray dogs in his town.

He started selling his used comic books on Facebook to raise money to feed the homeless dogs in his neighborhood. So far he has sold a number of Archie comics, his Jungle Book, and Pokemon books. He figured he had already read them. He didn’t see any sense in just putting them on a book shelf when he could sell them to help the dogs.

“I love animals and have plenty of stray dogs as friends. My closest friend is a young dog Chumpie. We play in the evening and I never leave a chance to feed the dogs in my colony. With the money raised, I will buy food for the animals,” Neal Batra said.

“My parents have always motivated me to do good for the underprivileged. My work does not stop with this. I am already working on another plan,” Neal said.

So far he has raised over 2000 Indian Rupee, and he said that’s only the beginning. Besides selling off his books, he plans to start baking and selling baked goods to raise money to buy dog food. He said he likes to bake desserts so that’s next.

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Image source:  Hindustantimes