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Owner Passed Away And Left Three Dogs Homeless

Ricky, Fred and Ethel Need A Home!

Ricky, Fred and Ethel’s owner passed away about 18 months ago. The dog’s owner didn’t make any provisions for the dogs so they became homeless.

All three dogs hung around the house just hoping their owner would return, but of course they didn’t.

Finally someone contacted Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization and asked them help rescue the dogs. Catching three dogs at once can be tricky. When you grab one the others will often run away.

The went to the house to see if the dogs were there. Fred was there. After a little work they caught him and gained his trust. The other two weren’t there. They were told the other two had been seen at the mall looking for food.

So off to the mall they went, and sure enough there they both were. It proved a little harder to catch Ethel and Ricky and win their trust, but they did.

All three dogs are now in foster care waiting to find a forever home.  It would sure be nice if someone adopted all three of them. It would be a shame to break them up after being together all their lives.

Please make provisions for your dog or dogs so they have a loving home to go to if anything happens to you.

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If you’re interested in adopting any or all three dogs, please contact: The Ark Animal Rescue