Poor Pup Was Dumped At The Shelter And Is Scared To Death

This Breaks My Heart!

Look at this poor little puppy. Her previous owners took her to the shelter and dropped her off. Abandoned her! She’s obviously scared to death and feeling totally unloved. How could anyone do that to a precious little puppy.

People should be tested to see if they are qualified before they’re allowed to own a dog. Obviously many people are not qualified!

No matter what my dogs did, I can’t imagine just dumping them at a shelter and leaving them there. If you don’t want your dog, find someone that does. Or if you can’t handle the responsibility of pet ownership, don’t get one in the first place!

Keep reading though.  There is a happy ending with this one.

Check out the Facebook posts below from Haley Graves Rescue. They are Angels!

Update – Thanks to Haley Graves Rescue this beautiful abandoned pup has been rescued!

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A big thank you to Tammy Graves and all the wonderful people at the Haley Graves Rescue for saving her and all the other dogs they rescue.

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