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Shelter Helps Dogs Feel At Home By Building Them A Living Room

They Even Get A TV!

Shelter life can be scary and stressful for dogs waiting to find a forever home. It’s noisy, the dogs are confined to a small living space, and they don’t get near enough human contact.

The Toledo Area Humane Society is trying to remedy some of the discomfort they feel.

They have created a new room at their shelter. They call it their “Real Life Room”. It’s modeled after a living room and is used to give the dogs a break from the noise and cramped conditions in the shelter. It helps them to feel like they’re home rather than locked in a cell.

“We basically took an office here and turned it into a living room,” a shelter staffer told The Dodo. “We have a recliner, a rug, some pillows and a TV. One of the best things is the lamp we put in there. That means we can turn off the florescent lights and have more soothing lighting in the room.”

“It gives the dogs a nice break from being in the kennels, where it’s noisy and they don’t have very much space. They can go in there and relax by themselves or with a volunteer,” the staffer said, noting yet another benefit. “We get a better picture of how these dogs will actually act in a home. That gives us a better sense of the type of personality the dog has.”

The simple idea appears to be working great especially for those that have had a hard time adapting to life in the shelter. Those pets are often the same ones that have a difficult time finding a forever home. It’s only been two weeks since they finished it, and it already appears to be helping dogs get adopted.

Several dogs have had someone adopt them shortly after getting out of the room. It seems to change their personality or disposition for the better.

We sure hope other shelters see this article so this concept catches on. Please use the buttons on this page to share this article with all your dog loving friends.

Article and image source: The Dodo