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Sick 4-Year-Old Little Girl Spends Her Time Collecting Cans To Save Dogs – Precious

I Rescue All Dogs So They Have Homes And Families!

4-year-old Norah Kerr and her mom, Amanda, went to the Fresno Humane Animal Services to find a dog for Norah. Amanda was looking for a dog they could train to be a service dog for Norah.

Norah has spina bifida, a neural tube defect; Dandy-Walker syndrome, a brain malformation; and 3C syndrome, which affects the brain, heart, and causes subtle facial abnormalities. You’d never know it talking to her. She is extremely upbeat, chipper and very concerned about saving dogs.

They found just the right dog, a black lab they named Sadie. She is now Norah’s best buddy.

After adopting Sadie in August, the first question Norah had for her mom was, “Why are there still dogs at the shelter?” Intent to find more of them happy homes, Norah and Sadie’s Cans for Canines was born to raise money for the shelter, which housed around 5,600 dogs over the past year. The Kerr family holds monthly drop-off events for recyclables and they pick up recyclables from homes.

Since starting the drive Norah and Sadie (and mom) have raised over $400 for the shelter. That has allowed two dogs to be transported to a no-kill shelter in Oregon that has fewer dogs to adopt.

Norah’s goals: “Number one, I really want to save 100 dogs. Number two, I want to be a dog saver. Number three, I want to feed dogs.”

“I rescue all dogs,” Norah says, “so they have homes and families.”

“She’s actually missing part of her brain,” her mother says, “but you would never even know because she’s just amazing.”

At Fresno Humane Animal Services, Norah is talkative and active, bouncing happily around Sadie and dogs at the shelter.

“She’s kind of like a puppy, she’s so cute,” says Brenda Mitchell, board president of Fresno Humane Animal Services, with a giggle. “That’s a big compliment coming from me.”

She is just too cute. Watch the video below and then please use the buttons on this page to pass this article along to all your dog loving friends.

Article source: The Fresno Bee

Featured image: Norah and Sadie’s Cans for Canines Facebook page