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U.S. Veteran With PTSD Has Life Changing Experience With Service Dog

They Were A Perfect Fit For Each Other

Carl Ringberg is a U.S. Army veteran and a father to five children. He did tours in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2013. Like so many other U.S. veterans, he had a hard time transitioning when he got back home to Minnesota. He was dealing with flashbacks, nightmares, anger issues, and emotional numbness. These are all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Initially, the Burnsville man tried medications to relieve his symptoms, but nothing worked so he decided to look for another tool to treat his PTSD. After researching service dog programs, he found Helping Paws and his golden retriever, Jed. Six-year-old Jed was having trouble being placed for separation anxiety issues, which made the bond between the pair even more meaningful.

“Jed wasn’t going to get placed with Helping Paws,” Ringberg told Fox 9. “When I found him it was kind of a perfect fit because I needed that constant attention, that constant touch and so did he.”

Jed has been a life saver for Ringberg. They hang together all the time and Jed helps to comfort him anytime he has a PTSD episode. Jed even goes to work with him.

Ringberg works for Waste Management Corporation, where he is a senior district fleet manager. Waste Management has actually made Jed an honorary member of their team. Ringberg oversees the shop where there are sudden loud noises on a regular basis. They used to really bother the U.S. veteran but not anymore. Now Jed is right by his side helping to keep him calm.

According to Fox 9 News, Carl also joined the board of Helping Paws to help them reach out and help more veterans.

“To the veterans out there, there’s help out there, get the help you deserve,” he said.

For more information about the Helping Paws organization or on how to apply for a service dog, please visit their site here.

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New story and image source: Fox 9